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Negative Space Experiments

      Paul-Lou Koci

                                      neither is a designer, nor an artist, nor a "neo-craftsman", he eventually thinks he’s a poet. He doesn’t wish to conceive or to work in the project (he's actually pretty bad at it) but in a poetry of shapes and objects. He is more interested in the becoming than he is in the making of things. He tries to let his hand speak by themselves, to confront himself to the matter without thinking it. He would like to make poems with shapes, to say things through objects. He doesn’t know how to explain the entirety of his gestures nor the scope of his forms, just as the poet doesn’t know how to explain where his words come from ; because it isn’t the words that matter but the gaze.
        He loves Carl André and Max Lamb, Cy Twombly and Roland Barthes.


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